2024 UTME Novel The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli 23 Characterization Summary

  1. Ummi Ahmed: Ummi Ahmed is the main character and the narrator of all the embedded stories in the novel; “The Life Changer”. She got married to Mr. Ahmed before she proceeded to the university as fulfilling her father’s condition for her to get a university education. She is a teacher and a mother of Four children; Omar, Teemah, Jemila, and Bint.
  2. Bint: She is 5 years old and the darling of the Ahmed family. She is a brilliant and very inquisitive child. She boldly answered Mallam Salihu’s question in French but in return asked him a question that he couldn’t answer. This somewhat embarrassed Mallam Salihu out of her class.
  3. Mallam Salihu: He is a meddlesome social studies teacher in Bint’s school. He believed he has a little bit of knowledge of every subject especially French but he was somewhat ridiculed in Bint’s class when she asked him a question in French and he couldn’t give an answer.
  4. Jemila: Jemila is the third child and the second daughter of the Ahmed family.
  5. Teemah: She is the second child and the first daughter of the Ahmed family.
  6. Omar: Omar is Ummi’s first child and the only son. He is eighteen years old. He is always decently dressed and clean. He described his SSCE as outstanding performance as ” by no means a small feat”. He also passed his JAMB and gained admission into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to study Law.
  7. Talle: He is named Talle because his mother died shortly after his birth. However, he is called the “quiet one” because of his quiet nature even as a child. He is born and bred in Lafayette. The ghastly car accident that claimed his father’s and stepmom’s life when he was barely twenty years old compounded his state that he withdrew completely to himself. He conspires with Zaki to kidnap a young boy to extort his father. Talle and Zaki were sentenced to some year imprisonment with hard labor.
  8. Salma: Salma is a fair-complexioned girl, tall, slim and busty. She was expelled in 400level from her former school on the offense of Examination malpractice.
  9. Tomiwa: Tomiwa is a Muslim girl from the west, lbadan to be precise. Tomiwa is the brightest and the cleanest in her room. She abreast herself with the latest information in the entertainment industry because of her ambition to become a singer. She also knows the latest and the craziest fashion outfit. She dates Honorable Habib.
  10. Ada: Ada is from Benue but insists that people call her place birth Middle belt. She is also Salma’s roommate at Queen Amina Hostel.
  11. Ngozi: Ngozi is Salma’s roommate who is from Umunze in lmo state and she is very a quiet and reticent person. She is always reserved and withdrawn but she is generous to a fault. She will never cook for herself alone.
  12. Habib: Habib is a politician. He and his friend, Labara met Salma at Kwangila and offers to give her a ride to the University campus.
  13. Labaran: Labaran is Honourable Habib’s childhood friend and his driver. They grew up together but when Habib chooses education he chose to go to a driving school. He sometimes supports his friend before he became a politician with the little he earned as a driver at the local government and to pay back for his kindness, Habib made him his driver when he became a politician.
  14. Zaki: Zaki is the brain behind the idea to kidnap his friend’s son and extort him as well. He involved Talle in his evil plan because Talle needs money and involving in the kidnapping seems to be a way to get some money.
  15. Dr. Samuel Johnson: Dr. Samuel Johnson is a young lecturer. He has a tribal mark that almost confused him to be an lgala or a Yoruba man. He is the HOD at Ummi’s Department and a very dear friend to Ummi’s husband. He also assisted Ummi to gain admission into the university.
  16. Dr. Dabo: Dr. Dabo is a very discipline lecturer and he has never engaged himself in any form of underhandedness with any female students. He has a track record of treating his students Justly. He is never last for lectures and his lecture rule is simple” Don’t come in after me”.
  17. Hakimi: He is the district head of the Lafayette community. The police apprehended Talle in his palace.
  18. Kolawole Abdul: He is Salma’s coursemate and out of pressure from Salma when they were writing their last paper, Moral Philosophy, he scribbled out some code to the answer and gave it to Salma. He is brilliant and very smart. He was implicated by Salma at the Exam malpractice and Ethic Penal that he was also expelled from the University
  19. Mohammad Kabir: Mohammad Kabir was employed as the Dr Kabir who is an impostor. He is not even a lecturer at the University let alone the chairman of the EMEC.
  20. Lawal: He is Salim’s friend who refused to accompany him to meet his new social media lover; the Fulani girll who turned out to be completely different from the looks on the displayed picture on her profile.
  21. Natasha: She is the girl that Salim met on a social media platform.
  22. Kartagi: He is the leader of the gambling group where Mohammad Kabir gambled and won three hundred thousand naira.
  23. Gumusu: Gumusu is the thug that was sent after Kabir by Kartagi after he won three hundred thousand naira from his gambling group.

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