Avacoin Review – Is Avacoin Mining Legit Or Scam

Avacoin mining has become the talks of the day recently and in this Avacoin review, I am going to provide you with all the detailed information on the mining projects and especially if the project is legit or just another Scam.

The Avacoin project is a telegram based mining project that allows you to mine virtual gold and exchange it for real cash. However, if you have joined one or two telegram projects in the past, you will surely understand that adequate verification must be done before taking any telegram based project very serious.

Just like notcoin, all you need to get started with the Avacoin mining is just your telegram app and you will have the opportunity to tap and earn 7500 Avacoin on a daily basis.

About Avacoin Mining

AVACOIN is a telegram based game where players can immerse themselves in the world of virtual gold mining by simply clicking on the coin icon. However, Ava coin is not just a game, it is an opportunity to get real value from your virtual gold mining efforts.

Unlike other mining projects that you will have to wait until lunch before you can exchange your mined token for real cash, you can actually convert your gold dust to gold gram and withdraw directly to your external wallet.

You just need to tap the screen until you reach the minimum 400,000 gold dust. When you reach this milestone, you will receive one gram of gold, which can be exchanged for USDT and withdrawn immediately.

The more gold you mine, the higher your miner rating becomes, which opens up access to various gifts and rewards. Ratings will bring gifts, so now there is a chance to quickly rise to the top.

How Avacoin Gold Dust Mining Works

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the project allows you to mine virtual gold and convert it to cash in real time. In this section of my Avacoin review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to accumulate as much gold dust as possible.

How Earn Gold dust

There are multiple ways to accumulate as many gold dust as possible on the project and the more you take the mining serious, the more you get closer to the minimum withdrawal. Below are the different ways to accumulate gold dust on the project:

Daily Task

When you complete your registration on the platform, you will have the opportunity to earn 7,500 gold dust on a daily basis. To create an account on the platform, all you have to do is to click here and you will be redirected to Avacoin telegram bot, Start the bot and you will see the coin icon, start clicking on it and earn 1 gold dust for every click.

You will be able to accumulate 7500 gold dust daily and 75,000 gold dust in 10 days. This option is available to everyone and whether you can refer or not, you can accumulate via the daily Task.

Avacoin Referral

Avacoin Referrals

This is the method that earns you the most of the gold dust very fast and if you take the referral option very serious, you will be able to reach the minimum withdrawal in no time.

Just like other projects, the gold dust mining gives you the opportunity to earn up to 25,000 gold dust per referral and if you take this very serious, it implies that you need just 16 referrals to get to the minimum withdrawal.

Referral Stages On Avacoin

Yes! You won’t get the 25,000 gold dust directly immediately your referral signed up, but you will earn up to that or even more so far they are active.

Beginner: This the stage for every newly registered users on the platform and when you refer anyone to the platform, you will be rewarded with 1000 gold dust for that fact that they registered through your link.

Once your referrals start performing their daily tasks and stay active on the platform, they will become Junior prospector and you will be rewarded with additional 2,000 gold dust. Prospector is the next rank after the Junior prospector and you will be rewarded with additional 5,000 gold dust when your referral’s rank increases to prospector.

When your referral’s rank reaches upper prospector, you will be rewarded with additional 7,000 gold dust, when the referral rank reaches Senior prospector, you will get additional 10,000 gold dust.

BEST Prospector: This is the highest rank on the platform as at the moment of writing this Avacoin review and once your referral attained this level, you will be rewarded with additional, 15,000 gold dust

Leagues: You will earn rewards when your referrals increase their league. Earn: Purchase a gold mining license for available sites, pay shipping costs and start mining to earn real rewards credited to your account (coming soon)

So, if you want to earn real value from virtual gold mining, AVACOIN is the perfect game for you.

Join now and start your journey to wealth!

Avacoin Withdrawal process

Avacoin Withdrawal

Now that you have understand how to accumulate the gold dust on Avacoin, it’s time to see how you can withdraw the earnings.

The good news is that the withdrawal isn’t complicated and with few clicks, you will be able to withdraw instantly.

Step 1: Convert your gold dust to gold gram. This can be done when you have accumulate up to 400,000 gold dust, simply click on profile and select the the swap option as shown in the image above.

Your 400,000 will be converted to 1 gold gram which is equivalent to $67 as at the moment of writing this Avacoin review.

Step 2: Withdraw to any coin of your choice. Once you have convert the coin to gold dust, simply log in to any crypto wallet of you choose and copy your USDT Bep 20 wallet address. Return to the Avacoin bot and paste the address into the box provided and withdraw.

Withdrawal Rules

1. All withdrawal requests for the week are collected from Monday to Sunday and after a complete review of all requests for the week, withdrawals will be processed on the following Tuesday. This implies that all withdrawal between Monday to Sunday will be paid on the following Tuesday.

2. Minimum withdrawal is 400,000, this has been outlined in the previous part of the guide and this is just an emphasis on the particular rule.

3. Withdrawal is once in a month: Yes! You can only withdraw once in a month and once you withdraw for this month you will have to wait until the next month to be able to withdraw again.

Avacoin withdrawal proof

How To Complete Your Daily Task Very Fast

In order to complete your daily tasks in few minutes and without stress, all you have to do is to make use of auto click, set it to click and claim your daily earnings automatically while you watch. Simply watch this video for detailed information on how to use the auto clicker.

How To Solve Balance Not Save Issue

The issue if balance not saved while performing daily task is peculiar to all users on the platform and below are the two major ways to get the issue solved

1. Simply complete your tasks in midnight: Yes! During this period, the pressure on the Avacoin server reduces, allowing you to be able to complete your tasks without stress.

2. Use single target: While teaching you how to use the auto clicker, we suggest that you use multi target so as to be able to Claim it faster. In this case, all you have to do is to make use of just one target, set it to 100 milliseconds and use it to complete the tasks.

Avacoin Review – Is Avacoin Legit Or Scam

As at the moment of writing this Avacoin review, the platform is paying and every individuals that have reached the minimum withdrawal and placed a withdrawal have received their withdrawal as scheduled.

On this note, Avacoin is legit and you should take it serious and accumulate as much as you can before unbearable rules begin to surface.

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