NECO agriculture science questions and answers updates

 NECO agriculture science questions and answers updates 

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NECO agriculture science questions and answers updates 
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(i)Higher nutrient content: Poultry droppings have a higher nutrient content compared to cow dung, making them a more effective fertilizer.
(ii)Faster decomposition: Poultry droppings decompose faster than cow dung, making the nutrients available to plants more quickly.
(i)Burning of young seedlings: Poultry droppings can be too hot for young seedlings and can cause burning or scorching, leading to poor germination and growth.
(i)Improves soil structure: Cow dung helps to improve soil structure, making it more conducive for plant growth.
(ii)Increases soil fertility: Cow dung adds nutrients to the soil, increasing its fertility and ability to support plant growth.
(iii)Supports beneficial microbes: Cow dung provides a food source for beneficial microorganisms in the soil, promoting a healthy soil ecosystem.
(i)Soil degradation: Continuous use of N.P.K Fertilizer can lead to soil degradation, reducing its fertility and structure.
(ii)Water pollution: N.P.K Fertilizer can leach into water sources, causing pollution and harm to aquatic life.
(iii)Soil acidification: N.P.K Fertilizer can acidify the soil, reducing its pH and making it less conducive for plant growth.
(i)Broadcasting: Spreading the fertilizer evenly over the soil surface.
(ii)Banding: Applying the fertilizer in a narrow band along the planting row.
(iii)Fertigation: Applying the fertilizer through irrigation water.
(iii)Calcium nitrate


=Specimen A(Hand Fork):
(i) Loosening soil in gardens and flower beds
(ii) Aerating soil around established plants
=Specimen B (Garden Fork):
(i) Turning over soil in preparation for planting
(ii) Breaking up clods and compacted soil
=Specimen C (Hand Trowel):
(i) Scooping and moving small amounts of soil or fertilizer
(ii) Planting seedlings and bulbs
=Specimen D (Knapsack Sprayer):
(i) Applying pesticides and herbicides to crops
(ii) Spraying fertilizers and water on plants
Specimen A(Hand Fork) has shorter tines and a smaller head, making it suitable for lighter work in smaller areas, while Specimen B (Garden Fork) has longer tines and a larger head, making it better suited for heavier work in larger areas.
(i) Cleaning the trowel after each use to prevent rust and bacterial growth
(ii) Storing the trowel in a dry place to prevent damage to the handle and metal
(i) Gloves
(ii) Goggles
=Specimen I (Onion Bulb): Allium cepa
=Specimen J (Yam Tuber): Dioscorea spp. ( various species)
=Specimen K (Cassava Tuber): Manihot esculenta
=Specimen L (Ginger): Zingiber officinale
=Specimen I (Onion bulb); Bulb division
= Specimen J (Yam Tuber): Stem cuttings or setts
= Specimen K (Cassava Tuber): Stem cuttings
= Specimen L (Ginger): Rhizome cuttings
(i) Yam beetles
(ii) Yam nematodes
(i) Peeling and grating the tubers
(ii) Fermenting the grated cassava for 2-3 days
(iii) Frying the fermented cassava to produce garri
Onion (Specimen I): Biennial plant (completes its life cycle in two years)
It is used to treat various ailments such as nausea and digestive issues.
(i) Host of N. Tapeworm: Pig
(ii) Host of O. Roundworm: Chicken
(iii) Host of P. Tick: Cattle
(i)Spec N; Proper disposal of animal waste
(ii)Spec O; Regular cleaning and disinfection of living quarters
(iii)Spec N; Avoiding undercooked meat and raw animal products
(i)Body shape: Tapeworms are long and flat, while Roundworms are cylindrical and rounded.
(ii)Body covering: Tapeworms have a tough, outer covering called a cuticle, while Roundworms have a smooth, outer layer.
(i)Tick fever (Babesiosis)
(ii)Redwater disease (Babesia spp.)
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