How To Send Money From Ghana To Kenya Using MTN

Sending Money from Ghana to Kenya Using MTN: Exploring Your Options.

How To Send Money From Ghana To Kenya Using MTN: While MTN Mobile Money is a popular mobile money service provider in both Ghana and many African countries, it currently does not allow direct money transfers between Ghana and Kenya. However, don’t worry! Here are some alternative solutions to send money from Ghana to Kenya in 2024:

Mobile Money Transfer Services:

Several mobile money transfer services specialize in cross-border transactions between African countries. Here are a few options to consider:

  • WorldRemit: This popular service allows sending money online or through their mobile app. They offer competitive exchange rates and fast transfer times. You can send money directly to a mobile money wallet in Kenya, including M-PESA (Safaricom). Check WorldRemit for fees and current exchange rates:
  • Afriex: Another reputable service offering online and mobile app money transfers across Africa. Afriex boasts transparency in fees and exchange rates. They facilitate transfers directly to M-PESA wallets in Kenya. See Afriex for details on fees and rates:
  • Yellow Card: This platform allows sending money online or through their app. They specialize in converting between mobile money and cryptocurrency. While you cannot directly send money from MTN Ghana to M-PESA Kenya, you can convert cedis to Bitcoin on a Yellow Card, then have the recipient in Kenya convert the Bitcoin to Kenyan shillings and withdraw to M-PESA. Explore Yellow Card for their process and fees:

Bank Transfers:

  • International Wire Transfer: This traditional method involves initiating a transfer from your Ghanaian bank account to the recipient’s Kenyan bank account. While secure, international wire transfers can be slower and often have higher fees compared to mobile money transfer services.
  • Online Money Transfer Services: Platforms like Wise (formerly TransferWise) offer online money transfers that may be faster and cheaper than traditional bank wire transfers. Research Wise for their fees and exchange rates:

Choosing the Right Service

Consider these factors when selecting a money transfer service:

  • Transfer Speed: How quickly does the recipient receive the funds?
  • Fees: Compare transfer fees, including any hidden charges.
  • Exchange Rates: Look for services offering competitive exchange rates.
  • Convenience: Consider online and mobile app options for ease of use.
  • Security: Choose a reputable service with strong security measures.

FAQs about Sending Money from Ghana to Kenya

1. Can I directly send money from MTN Ghana to M-PESA Kenya using MTN Mobile Money?

Unfortunately, no. As of March 2024, MTN Mobile Money doesn’t support direct cross-border mobile money transfers between Ghana and Kenya.

2. What are some reliable alternatives for sending money from Ghana to Kenya?

Several mobile money transfer services specialize in cross-border transactions, including WorldRemit, Afriex, and Yellow Card. You can also explore international wire transfers or online money transfer services like Wise.

3. What factors should I consider when choosing a money transfer service?

Consider transfer speed, fees (including hidden charges), exchange rates, convenience (online/mobile app options), and security measures offered by the service.


While MTN Mobile Money doesn’t facilitate direct transfers between Ghana and Kenya, alternative solutions exist. By exploring mobile money transfer services, bank transfers, or online money transfer platforms, you can find a secure and efficient way to send money using the convenience of your phone or computer. Remember to compare fees, and exchange rates, and prioritize reputable services with strong security measures.

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